Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life,

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Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life,

Postby bharao » Sun Jan 14, 2018 7:08 am

Practical Explanation ( For Example ) :- `1st of all can you tell me every single seconds detail from that time when you born ?? ( i need every seconds detail ?? that what- what you have thought and done on every single second )

can you tell me every single detail of your `1 cheapest Minute Or your whole hour, day, week, month, year or your whole life ??

if you are not able to tell me about this life then what proof do you have that you didn't forget your past ? and that you will not forget this present life in the future ?

that is Fact that Supreme Lord Krishna exists but we posses no such intelligence to understand him.
there is also next life. and i already proved you that no scientist, no politician, no so-called intelligent man in this world is able to understand this Truth. cuz they are imagining. and you cannot imagine what is god, who is god, what is after life etc.
for example :Your father existed before your birth. you cannot say that before your birth your father don,t exists.

So you have to ask from mother, "Who is my father?" And if she says, "This gentleman is your father," then it is all right. It is easy.
Otherwise, if you makes research, "Who is my father?" go on searching for life; you'll never find your father.

( now maybe...maybe you will say that i will search my father from D.N.A, or i will prove it by photo's, or many other thing's which i will get from my mother and prove it that who is my Real father.{ So you have to believe the authority. who is that authority ? she is your mother. you cannot claim of any photo's, D.N.A or many other things without authority ( or ur mother ).

if you will show D.N.A, photo's, and many other proofs from other women then your mother. then what is use of those proofs ??} )

same you have to follow real authority. "Whatever You have spoken, I accept it," Then there is no difficulty. And You are accepted by Devala, Narada, Vyasa, and You are speaking Yourself, and later on, all the acaryas have accepted. Then I'll follow.
I'll have to follow great personalities. The same reason mother says, this gentleman is my father. That's all. Finish business. Where is the necessity of making research? All authorities accept Krsna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. You accept it; then your searching after God is finished.

Why should you waste your time?
all that is you need is to hear from authority ( same like mother ). and i heard this truth from authority " Srila Prabhupada " he is my spiritual master.
im not talking these all things from my own.

in this world no `1 can be Peace full. this is all along Fact.

cuz we all are suffering in this world 4 Problems which are Disease, Old age, Death, and Birth after Birth.

tell me are you really happy ?? you can,t be happy if you will ignore these 4 main problem. then still you will be Forced by Nature.

if you really want to be happy then follow these 6 Things which are No illicit s.ex, No g.ambling, No d.rugs ( No tea & coffee ), No meat-eating ( No onion & garlic's )

5th thing is whatever you eat `1st offer it to Supreme Lord Krishna. ( if you know it what is Guru parama-para then offer them food not direct Supreme Lord Krishna )

and 6th " Main Thing " is you have to Chant " hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare ".
If your not able to follow these 4 things no illicit s.ex, no g.ambling, no d.rugs, no meat-eating then don,t worry but chanting of this holy name ( Hare Krishna Maha-Mantra ) is very-very and very important.

Chant " hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare " and be happy.

if you still don,t believe on me then chant any other name for 5 Min's and chant this holy name for 5 Min's and you will see effect. i promise you it works And chanting at least 16 rounds ( each round of 108 beads ) of the Hare Krishna maha-mantra daily.
Here is no Question of Holy Books quotes, Personal Experiences, Faith or Belief. i accept that Sometimes Faith is also Blind. Here is already Practical explanation which already proved that every`1 else in this world is nothing more then Busy Foolish and totally idiot.
every `1 is already Blind in this world and if you will follow another Blind then you both will fall in hole. so try to follow that person who have Spiritual Eyes who can Guide you on Actual Right Path. ( my Authority & Guide is my Spiritual Master " Srila Prabhupada " )
if you want to see Actual Purpose of human life then see this link : ( triple w ( d . o . t ) asitis ( d . o . t ) c . o . m {Bookmark it })
read it complete. ( i promise only readers of this book that they { he/she } will get every single answer which they want to know about why im in this material world, who im, what will happen after this life, what is best thing which will make Human Life Perfect, and what is perfection of Human Life. ) purpose of human life is not to live like animal cuz every`1 at present time doing 4 thing which are sleeping, eating, s.ex & fear. purpose of human life is to become freed from Birth after birth, Old Age, Disease, and Death.
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Fifty Shades E.L. James Has Film Producers In Cuffs

Postby RichardTiext » Fri Feb 09, 2018 8:55 pm

Gambling, "Yes" or "No." So far as their state of Texas had been worried, lottery gambling ended up being considered stopping regulations up until the mid 1980s if the lottery ended up being authorized. I'd always thought it was ironic that the state of Texas decided that gambling was okay so long you gambled on state controlled lottery. My question has become "Why was lottery gambling illegal in the first place?" That which was the idea of creating gambling illegal? Were you protecting us from losing, or being scammed out of our hard-earned money? I don't have the answer for this question, and I also am pretty sure no body else a remedy which makes feeling.

We can stay around and have fun with the "What If" game all day long and look for indications of immoral behavior, then make an effort to manage it. My concern is without question this: basically visit work and work out money, whoever company is it easily decide to gamble with my money? Whom Porn Videos chooses if gambling could be considered wasteful or immoral? Why would we should provide another person the ability to determine whenever we are wasting our money? I would ike to understand why, basically invest $1500 in a poker game and lose my money, have always been we breaking what the law states because i'm wasting my cash? What about the one who won my cash? Did they also break the law? I have a brilliant idea! Think about this! "remain the hell from my wallet, and I would ike to determine what, where and how i do want to invest my cash. We will take to that?

XXX is a film staring XXX movies that was released in 2002. Xander Cage is a extreme activities nut that's recruited by the us government against his might. If Xander doesn't go undercover and gain home elevators an undercover company, he will head to jail. Ladies may sigh over XXX movies's muscle tissue and like this he falls in love with a lady and wants to save your self her through the difficulty she's in along with the delighted ending. Guys should the explosions and tricky situations that Xander gets to.

Because of advanced video clip surveillance put strategically in key areas, the important thing theft had been caught on tape! Quick Cash car immediately had the video clip aired on Channel 12 Information that night as well as the after early morning. Fast money Auto received an anonymous phone call from someone saying the very same vehicle ended up being parked in the nearby area. Seeing himself in the Channel 12 Information must've made him think twice about keeping it.

Include the way he's treated his spouse to your Porn videos which degrade ladies he's emailed over the net so we can easily see Paladino doesn't have respect for women.

The gameplay in Darkness can be notably unique. Your powers enable you to summon various demonic animals that may help you throughout your journey. As an example, you can get in touch with small imp-like creatures to assist you in battle. In addition, you will encounter unique demonic guns within unusual first-person shooter game.

J.J. Abrams needs to bid a fond adieu towards the world of celebrity Trek. Abrams consented to helm another celebrity Wars movie for Disney. Paramount Pictures delivered an ultimatum: in the event that you opt for Wars, you leave Trek behind. Is "Star Trek: towards Darkness" worth leaping ship? Each one of these concerns and more are answered into the latest on the web version of OUTTAKES. Plus, we preview "The Iceman", "Cynco deMayo", "Stories We Tell", "Peeples", "Kings of summertime" and "Man of Steel".
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3 Sex Ideas To Please Your Guy A Lot Better Than Every Other Woman

Postby RichardTiext » Fri Feb 09, 2018 8:56 pm

So, you are looking for a deeper, sexier speaking voice but you've got a nasal twang. Performs this signify you are stuck with a high-pitched vocals? No. Can you really have an improved sound? Without a doubt!

Lifting weights takes dedication. The barbell is your buddy. The barbell with never ever keep your or betray you. Your gf might dump you, your friends might betray you, your boss might fire you, but 300 lbs is definitely likely to be 300 pounds. Never turn your back regarding the weights. Think about it as them getting mad at you once you cannot raise them, so every time you go to the fitness center they Porn Videos ensure it is harder available.

Incidentally, XXX movies has a title that is quite cut right out the automotive industry. Vin, meaning Vehicle Identification Number and Diesel, that is a fuel kind. Go figure.

People who have this problem would cope with it in several other ways. There are those that would try to find growth of hair items that can be purchased in pharmacies, health shops, and supplement shops. Some work, although some actually provide no purpose. These products are available the form of ointments, oils, fits in, and even pills.

The online world can be in the same way bad due to the fact television, so avoid it whenever you can when you are writing. Resolve to check on your e-mail only at scheduled times, like as soon as each day, as soon as during meal, and once in the afternoon. Prevent the celebrity blog sites. Get your recreations ratings through the night on SportsCenter. Read some articles on Associated information, but leave the Porn until after your work is done.

The answer is not to be a jerk to push them off their pedestal, the clear answer would be to understand the true dynamics and root behavioral faculties which can be going on.

Be sure you keep your eyes open and try to pick up any signs a woman is giving. It could be the essential difference between seducing a female or getting slapped in the face.;u=31060
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Tanning Mom Porn Offer: Patricia Krentcil Will Earn $1,000 For Homosexual Movie

Postby RichardTiext » Fri Feb 09, 2018 8:58 pm

Star Trek - exact same characters, new faces. The Enterprise boldly goes where no one has gone before in J.J. Abrams' remake ofthe cult classic. Give it a look.

After attention contact, take action noticeable. Just take a sip from your own beverage or look at your view. In the event that you look over and she quickly does the same, she actually is into you. Mimicking is an indication of admiration. That said, if she actually is Porn Videos mimicking you, she's admiring you.

In terms of gambling, I just have one question for you personally, perhaps you have been at part of Coit and Cambell, and made a left turn? Trust in me you are gambling, perhaps not with your cash, however with your lifetime! Perhaps you have driven up the Toll-way during rush hour? You're gambling every time you step into an automobile. Who am I harming basically take a seat at a poker dining table and play, my family? Just what should I be doing with my cash alternatively, purchase alcohol and cigarettes, take skydiving classes? Simply therefore I understand the guidelines in Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex: i will pay to jump away from an airplane, purchase wine and cigars, pay money to see nude females dance, hire XXX movies, bungee jump from a tower, shoot people who have paint balls in a mock war, but i can not sit down and play a card game?

Once the gang arrives at Mari's home, they find her moms and dads, Emma (Monica Potter) and John (Tony Goldwyn). Both moms and dads don't know what has happened. Then, Krug's son, Justin (Gladiator's Spencer Treat Clark) lets the parents know something is wrong and leads them to his daddy's gun.

There are many Christians that will not believe the Holy Spirit and a demon can live in equivalent human body. That's exactly like saying their can't occur Christians and non Christians in the same church. Its ridiculous. To be delivered effectively from demon possession you must desire that sort of behavior to alter in your lifetime. If you should be a lustful man and you enjoy participating in viewing Porn and looking at women in an inappropriate method then the spirit of lust will have directly to possess you. It is only once you want to alter that this spirit have the ability to be cast out of you.

Win the original power game when you're truly independent and equal > in terms of her and the woman powers and then the overall game really begins. They'll certainly be putting you on a pedestal when they experience time with you and that is exactly how it is allowed to be.

When asked with subtlety and care, these questions can be constructive in discovering more about some body. Test it as a casino game with a few buddies, or just like you're simply uninterested with nothing to do. Whichever method, these concerns are a good idea in observing an individual much deeper than whatever they reveal.

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