Update to 1.2.0

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Update to 1.2.0

Postby Mark » Wed Sep 07, 2016 12:30 pm

We are currently updating the game to the latest version. We hope the new version will be available for download soon on the app stores. Because of the major changes this update, you have to update the game in order to play the game.

The new features:

-Friend lists: add your friends and compare their statistics with yours. Add a friend by tapping the friend button on the top right or by viewing their statistics and tapping the friend button there.
-Friend chat: send chat messages to your friends by using the friend button or tap on their name in the chat.
-Stars: earn stars by playing bingo's, your first word of the day, scoring a lot of points, winning a tournament, watching a video or completing achievements.
-Exchange a single letter: you can now drag a letter to the bottom right to buy a new letter for stars. The price is determined by the value of the new letter. You can only have one exchanged letter at a time and you cannot exchange single letters in tournaments.

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