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What is Scrivalry?

Scrivalry is a MMO word game in which thousands of players compete on the same board at once. Each player is free to place letters whenever he wants to form words for points on a gigantic game board. Compete for ranks in various different categories and tournaments and become the best word gamer in the world!

How big is the game board?

Right now the Scrivalry board is about 9 square miles (25 square kilometers).  It is the largest word game ever made and we are planning on making the game world even bigger in the future!

Do I have to wait for other player to take their turn?

Each player can play words when and where they want as long as it is in a valid position. Did you spot a good series of multipliers? Don’t wait too long or someone might steal them right from under our nose!

Why are the values of the letters different?

The traditional values of the letters were made a long time ago and without the use of advanced statistics. A lot has changed and we used the research done by two different mathematicians as well did some research of our own.  We feel the new values better represent their use in today’s language and make for more interesting plays. You can read more about it on their blogs:

The Virtuosi

JM Lewis (GitHub)

What dictionary are you using?

The Scrivalry dictionary is always in development. We started out by combining a few standard dictionaries and cleaning them up by removing non-existing words. With the help of our players we are hoping to create a more complete and error free dictionary. You can suggest words to be added or removed on our website. We will not publish our complete dictionary in order to prevent cheating.

In what languages is the game available?

Currently the game is playable in English and Dutch, but German and Spanish versions will be added in the near future. If there are enough players for other languages, we will add those as well, of course. You can request new languages on our forums.

What are tournaments?

Every 3 days a new tournament starts and anyone can join. Players have 10 turns to score as many points as they can. Instead of playing a word, players can also exchange all of their letters and receive eight new random letters. Tournaments are a great way to test your skill.